Upper trapezius party - Photo Wikimedia

Upper trapezius myalgia, miosis and muscle tension.

Upper trapezius is the muscle that has a pattern of pain that goes on the top of the shoulder blade, up to the back of the neck and occasionally towards the forehead and jaw. Upper trapezius also often causes headaches. This can occur if it becomes overactive and dysfunctional. A so-called upper trapezius myalgia. Myalgia is also called myosis, muscle tension, muscle knot or trigger point - dear muscle condition has many names. Regular self-massage, stretching and possible treatment by a musculoskeletal expert (chiropractor, physiotherapist, manual therapist) are all examples of measures that can help you get rid of myalgias.


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What can I do even for muscle pain?

1. General exercise, specific exercise, stretching and activity are recommended, but stay within the pain limit. Two walks a day of 20-40 minutes make good for the whole body and sore muscles.

2. Trigger point / massage balls we strongly recommend - they come in different sizes so you can hit well even on all parts of the body. There is no better self help than this! We recommend the following (click the image below) - which is a complete set of 5 trigger point / massage balls in different sizes:

trigger point balls

3. Training: Specific training with training tricks of various opponents (such as this complete set of 6 knits of different resistance) can help you train strength and function. Knit training often involves more specific training, which in turn can lead to more effective injury prevention and pain reduction.

4. Pain Relief - Cooling: Biofreeze is a natural product that can relieve pain by cooling the area gently. Cooling is especially recommended when the pain is very severe. When they have calmed down then heat treatment is recommended - it is therefore advisable to have both cooling and heating available.

5. Pain Relief - Heating: Warming up tight muscles can increase blood circulation and reduce pain. We recommend the following reusable hot / cold gasket (click here to read more about it) - which can be used both for cooling (can be frozen) and for heating (can be heated in the microwave).


Recommended products for pain relief in muscle pain

Biofreeze spray-118Ml-300x300

Biofreeze (Cold / cryotherapy)

purchase now



New custom designed pillows can also be helpful - if you are considering investing in one then recommend more studies this pillow.

This type of pillows is almost impossible to raise in Norway, and if you find one, they usually cost the shirt and some more. Instead, try the pillow via the article we link to above, it has a lot good shooting goals and people are happy.


Here you can see an illustration made by Gray's which shows the muscle attachment to the upper trapezius myalgi, from the back of the neck / head down to the shoulder blade:

Upper trapezius party - Photo Wikimedia

Upper, middle and lower trapezius muscle attachments - Wikimedia Commons

The upper trapezius attaches to the back of the head and to the shoulder blade.



Here you can see an illustration that shows the pain pattern (referenced pain from muscle knot) for upper trapezius:

Upper trapezius myalgia - Photo Wiki

Upper trapezius myalgia - Photo Wiki

Upper trapezius can also cause shoulder pain, headache, neck pain and neck stiffness - as well as a depressing feeling in the back of the head, often just behind the ear.


VIDEO: MR Shoulder (Normal MRI Survey)

MR description:

«R: Nothing pathologically proven. No findings. "

Explanation: This is a composition of MRI examination images from a normal shoulder without MRI findings. The shoulder was sore, but there were no injuries visible in the pictures - it turned out later that the pain came from joint restrictions in the neck and thoracic spine, as well as active muscle knots / myalgias in the rotator cuff muscles, upper trapz, rhomboidus and levator scapula.

The solution was stabilizing rotator cuff training, chiropractic joint correction, muscle therapy and specific home exercises. Thank you for sharing such photos with us. The photos are anonymized.


Exercise and exercise are good for body and soul:

  • Chin-up / pull-up exercise bar can be an excellent exercise tool to have at home. It can be attached and detached from the door frame without the use of a drill or tool.
  • Cross-trainer / ellipse machine: Excellent fitness training. Good for promoting movement in the body and exercising overall.
  • Kettlebells is a very effective form of training that produces fast and good results.
  • Rowing Machines is one of the best forms of training you can use to get good overall strength.
  • Spinning ergometer bike: Good to have at home, so you can increase the amount of exercise throughout the year and get better fitness.


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