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The Vondtklinikkenne Interdisciplinary Physical Health is a Norwegian professional expertise network consisting of a number of clinics and collaboration partners in Norway. On this page you can find out more about available job positions with us.

Alexander Andorff
General and Sports Chiropractor
[M.Sc Chiropractic, B.Sc Health Sciences]

– For professional and personal development

At Vondtklinikkene, we are very keen to look after those who work with us. And we know that in order to feel good at work, it is important to have a good working environment where you feel that you are growing - as both a clinician and a person.

This is precisely why we emphasize 5 basic pillars for our clinicians:

  • Safety and care

    With us at Vondtklinikkene, you can expect support and care when you need it. We are keen to "do the little extra" so that everyone thrives and has a good time - both socially and professionally. One of our visions is that work should feel more like a family - a place you look forward to being.

  • Exciting patient case studies

    At Vondtklinikkene, we work with a wide range of different diagnoses within muscles, tendons, joints and nerves. As a clinician, you will therefore be able to expect to meet a number of exciting cases, problems and pain presentations.

  • Social Well-Being

    At the Vondtklinikken, all clinics meet several times a year for social gatherings - and many of our therapists have become very good friends through their work. As a clinic, we try to focus on extra fun and active social gatherings - such as a weekend on the ski slopes at Trysil, dog sledding with Huskies in Jotunheimen and a weekend trip to Sjoa for rafting in the river rapids.

  • Good earning potential

    Although professional development is very important, it cannot be understated that the opportunity to earn good money is important for all clinicians. We can show solid and rapid growth in everyone who has started with us.

  • Good access to new patients

    Vondtklinikkenne has an extensive following in social media and contact networks, with a total of over 100.000 followers and over 12 million page views a year (as of 19.12.2022). This also lays a good foundation for you as a clinician to get a good platform on which you can grow. We also offer opportunities within lectures and work with sports teams if this is desired.

- Questions? Send us a message or contact us for an informal chat

If you are interested or have questions, just send us a message or get in touch via one of our contact options.

We have such extensive traffic here that we do not post a direct link to the email address, but you can send a message on Our Facebook page or via the contact form on one of our clinics their websites. With us, you will get very good working conditions and opportunities. Hope to hear from you - and that you might want to become part of our family. Have a nice day.


Alexander (Daily manager v/Vondtklinikkene)

Work with us?

Our clinics can demonstrate good social cohesion, busy patient lists, good earning potential and a great platform for learning and development. We are always on the lookout for skilled professionals - and often have opportunities, even though we usually do not need to post job vacancies due to people applying unsolicited. To contact us, we ask that you send a direct message to one of the above clinics. We look forward to hearing from you.

Vacancies at Vondtklinikkene

Via this link, you can read more about vacancies at the Vondtklinikken - both for physiotherapists and chiropractors. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Vacancy: Physiotherapist and Manual therapist

Below you will be able to see our advertised positions for physiotherapists or manual therapists. Feel free to contact us for a chat and for future opportunities. We also want to hear from you who are interested in taking our health concept further into the future - and offer exciting and very good earning opportunities for the right applicants.

We warmly welcome all good input and questions.

Vacancy: Physiotherapist

Vacant position: Summer 2023

v/ Lambertseter Chiropractic Center and Physiotherapy (Health Center in Lambertseter Senter, Cecilie Thoresens Vei 17, 1153 Oslo)

For: Physiotherapist

Employment rate: 70%

Joining/starting: Possible start from 1 June 2023.

Description of the job position:

Summer – 2023 (possible entry from 1 June): The pain clinics of Lambertseter Chiropractic Center and Physiotherapy in Oslo have fully booked lists for our physiotherapist. This means that new patients must constantly be asked to wait to get an appointment with us, which results in more people contacting other clinics instead, even if they would prefer to come to us. Therefore, we are announcing a 70% vacancy for our state-of-the-art, busy and exciting clinic at Lambertseter in Oslo.

You will work in an interdisciplinary environment with great access to varied patient cases, as well as go straight into a good collaboration with GPs and other health actors. The clinic can show very strong growth. In our clinic, we focus on an evidence-based approach when it comes to assessment, treatment and rehabilitation therapy. Due to the large number of patients, there are also very good earning opportunities.

(The link takes you to Lambertseter Chiropractic Center and Physiotherapy's contact page on their website)

Questions regarding this advertised position? Feel free to contact us at Our Facebook page or via contact form for the clinic if you have any questions or input.

Vacancy: Rotational chiropractor and chiropractor

Vacant position: Summer 2023

v/ Eidsvoll Sundet Chiropractic Center and Physiotherapy (Wergelands Gate 5, 2080, Eidsvoll)

For: Rotational chiropractor or chiropractor

Joining/starting: July-September 2023

Description of the job position:

Summer – 2023 (around August or September): Pain clinics dept. Eidsvoll Healthy Chiropractor Center and Physiotherapy will have a vacancy for a rotating chiropractor or chiropractor in a 100% earned position, as one of our chiropractors is moving to one of our Oslo departments. As a rotation chiropractor, you will be guided by an experienced rotation supervisor. Feel free to go to the link and send us a message via the clinic's contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.

All applicants have now been contacted regarding the advertised position being filled. We thank you so much for the interest and applications that came in.

Vacant position: Other (Naprapath/osteopath ++)

Not a physiotherapist or chiropractor, but feel that you have a lot of good qualities to contribute? Then we'd love to hear from you! We are also very interested in expanding our offer with osteopathy and naprapathy - so just get in touch if you fall into one of these professional groups. Send us an informal message or contact us via the contact form for one of our clinics.

Feel free to contact us Our Facebook page or via the contact form if you have questions or comments. You can also send an email or use the contact form to one of our clinics.