5 Exercises against Muscle Tensions in the Neck and Shoulder

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Exercises against neck and shoulder muscle tension

5 Exercises against Muscle Tensions in the Neck and Shoulder

Do you wake up with a stiff neck? And are your shoulders often raised under your ears?

Then try these 5 exercises that can help you loosen up muscle tension and tighten muscles in the neck and shoulder. Feel free to share with a friend who is bothered with a tight neck.


Here are 5 exercises that can tighten tight muscles, increase blood circulation and contribute to more movement in the muscles and joints. Tight muscles and neck and shoulder muscles are common. These exercises can help you reduce the muscle tension you build up throughout the day. Exercise should be tailored to your personal health.


Treatment may be required at a publicly licensed clinic in combination with training for optimal improvement. These 5 exercises have a particular focus on increasing mobility and loosening up muscle tension. Feel free to contact us on our Facebook page if you have input or comments.


Tip: Scroll below to watch a training video with effective movement exercises and stretching against a stiff neck.


VIDEO: 5 Clothes Exercises against Stiff Neck and Neck Pain

These five exercise and stretching exercises can help you loosen up deep muscle tension in your neck and shoulders. The exercises are arranged so that they can be done well daily and by all age groups. Click below to see the exercises.

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Pain in the shoulder joint


In combination with these exercises, we recommend that you adjust your daily movement, for example in the form of less static work, less repetitive load (maybe you can make adjustments at work?), Custom walks in rough terrain or swimming in a hot water pool. If you already have a proven diagnosis, we recommend that you check with your clinician (physician, chiropractor, physiotherapist or similar) whether these exercises are suitable for you.


1. "Cat and camel"

cat and camel clothing exercise for neck back and shoulder

The "cat and camel" exercise is a kind and nice mobilization exercise that gives more movement to the entire spine. It has been named because it shoots its back like a cat and then lets its back sink deep like a camel. It stretches and gives more flexibility to the back, chest and neck. It is a fantastic exercise for those who need to loosen the stiffness of the neck and shoulders.


Here's how to do the exercise: Start standing on all fours, then lower your back slowly to the floor before slowly, but firmly pushing your back toward the ceiling. Repeat the exercise for 8-10 reps over 3-4 sets.


2. Stretching of the trapezius

Lateral flexion

Trapezius is the muscle responsible for raising the shoulders. So when after a long day you feel that your shoulders are hoisted under your ears - then you can literally blame them. This exercise ensures that you regularly stretch this muscle group which is a known contributor to tight neck and headaches.



A: This is the starting position for this stretch.

B: Drop your head to the side and use your hand to get some extra stretch (if needed). You should feel that it extends on the opposite side of the neck and slightly down towards the top of the shoulder blade. This stretch is great for those who work long days in the office in static work positions, as one stretches especially well on upper trapeziusHold the stretch for 30 seconds and repeat in 2-3 sets.


3. Extension of upper back and neck

back bend stretching exercise of the back and neck

Does your neck feel like you've been hanging your head all day? Maybe you have it in front of the PC screen? Then this yoga exercise is for you. This yoga position opens up the chest, stretches the abdominal muscles and activates the back in a good way.

Here's how to do the exercise: Start by lying flat on the floor with your palms down the floor approximately in the middle of the ribs. Then pull your legs together and press the top of your feet pressed against the floor - at the same time use the force from your back, not your hands, to lift your chest off the floor - you should feel that it stretches slightly in the back - make sure you do not take in too much . Keep your legs straight and hold the position for 5 to 10 deep breaths. Repeat as many times as you think is necessary.


4. Stretching exercise for the chest muscle on foam roller

Stretching stretching exercise of pectoralis chest muscles with foam roller foam roller

A foam roller can be a great tool for loosening up slightly between the shoulder blades and the upper back. It can also be used to stretch your muscles - such as this exercise which stretches nicely on the chest muscles / pectoralis.


Here's how to do the exercise: Lie flat on the foam roller to support both neck and back. Please note that this only works with larger foam rollers (such as this one) with a length of 90 cm or more. Then stretch your arms slowly out to the side and move them upwards until you feel that it stretches towards the chest muscles. Hold the position for 30 - 60 seconds and then relax. Repeat 3-4 sets.



5. Paraspinal stretching exercise (Stretching the muscles on the sides of the spine)

bed posture exercise for between shoulder blades and shoulders

The musculature that runs on each side of the spine is called the paraspinal musculature - after a long day of static work, it can be nice to stretch this out in a gentle way. This is a very relaxing stretching exercise that is good for the back, neck and shoulders.


Here's how to do the exercise: Stand on your knees and let your body fall forward with outstretched arms. Rest your head against the ground and stretch your arms in front of you until you feel a slight stretch in the transition to the neck and upper back. Performs 3-4 sets of 30 seconds duration.



Here are 5 exercises for muscle tension in the neck and shoulder. Tight muscles and neck and shoulder muscles are common. These exercises can help you reduce muscle tension and increase mobility. The training should be tailored to the individual.



Recommended Self-Help for Muscle Pain and Chronic Pain

Soft sooth compression gloves - Photo Medipaq

Click on the image to read more about compression gloves.

  • Mini tapes (many with rheumatic and chronic pain feel that it is easier to train with custom elastics)
  • Trigger point Balls (self-help to work the muscles on a daily basis)
  • Arnica cream or heat conditioner (many people report some pain relief if they use, for example, arnica cream or heat conditioner)

- Many people use arnica cream for pain due to stiff joints and sore muscles. Click on the image above to read more about how arnicakrem can help relieve some of your pain situation.


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