Suboccipitalis muscle attaches - Photo Wikimedia

Suboccipitalis muscle myalgia.

Suboccipitalis are the muscles that have a pain pattern that runs on the back of the upper part of the neck and longitudinally on the outside of the head, towards the forehead. Suboccipitalis can also cause headaches. This can occur if it becomes overactive and dysfunctional. A so-called suboccipital myalgia. Suboccipitalis consists of four muscles - obliquus capitis superior, obliquus capitis inferior, rectus capitis posterior major and rectus capitis posterior minor (see illustration below in the article). Regular self-massage, stretching, specific training and eventual treatment by a musculoskeletal expert (chiropractor, physiotherapist, manual therapist) are all examples of measures that can help you get rid of myalgia.


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Other more temporary measures can be pain-relieving, tiger balm or similar.


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Here you can see an illustration showing the muscle attachments of the suboccipitalis, from the back of the neck up to the back of the head (occiput):

Suboccipitalis muscle attaches - Photo Wikimedia

Suboccipitalis muscle fester - Photo Wikimedia

Suboccipitalis consists of obliquus superior capitis, oblique capitis inferior, rectus posterior major capitis og rectus posterior minor capitis.



Here you can see an illustration that shows the pain pattern (referenced pain from muscle knot) for suboccipitalis:

Suboccipitalis trigger point pain pattern - Photo MT

Suboccipitalis trigger point pain pattern - Photo MT

Suboccipitalis may cause or be involved in neck pain, neck stiffness and headaches - as well as a pressing sensation on the side of the head, often just behind the ear against the attachment of the occiput (also known as C0).


Recommended products for pain relief in case of muscle pain in the neck

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Getting started with more training? Exercise and movement are good for muscles and joints - check out these recommendations:

  • Chin-up / pull-up exercise bar can be an excellent exercise tool to have at home. It can be attached and detached from the door frame without the use of a drill or tool.
  • Cross-trainer / ellipse machine: Excellent fitness training. Good for promoting movement in the body and exercising overall.
  • Kettlebells is a very effective form of training that produces fast and good results.
  • Rowing Machines is one of the best forms of training you can use to get good overall strength.
  • Spinning ergometer bike: Good to have at home, so you can increase the amount of exercise throughout the year and get better fitness.


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