Stretching can be relieving for tight muscles - Photo Seton

Tight neck muscles.

In the neck we find a number of muscles, and like other muscles in the body they can be overloaded or overloaded - muscular dysfunctions are formed which often manifest as muscle knots or trigger points. (Also read: Pain in the muscles?Some of the most common muscles that are affected by myalgias or overactivity in the neck are levator scapula, upper trapezius, splenius capitissuboccipital og erector of the spine,


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Foam rolls are in the wind like never before - hence their incredible price increase in the sports shops. We have received good feedback on the following foam roller which costs a fraction of the price (at the time of writing it only costs approx. 90 Norwegian kroner - a real bargain in other words):

- Read more about the foam roller here: BLUE High Density Foam Roller (link opens in new window)

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Stretching against tight neck muscles

Stretching can be relieving for tight muscles - Photo Seton

Flexibility extension: Straighten your back and let your head fall forward while pulling in your chin. Carefully do the stretching. For extra stretch, apply light pressure with your hands to your back. 2 sets for 30 seconds per set.

Side bend stretching: Straighten your back and let your head fall to the side, try to avoid rotation as you want to isolate certain muscles. Perform the stretching carefully. For extra stretch, you can apply light pressure with your hands against your head. 2 sets for 30 seconds per set.


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Exercise and exercise are good for body and soul:

  • Chin-up / pull-up exercise bar can be an excellent exercise tool to have at home. It can be attached and detached from the door frame without the use of a drill or tool.
  • Cross-trainer / ellipse machine: Excellent fitness training. Good for promoting movement in the body and exercising overall.
  • Grip-cleaning tools can help strengthen relevant hand muscles and thus help to work out muscle dysfunction.
  • Rubber exercise knit is an excellent tool for you who need to strengthen the shoulder, arm, core and more. Gentle but effective training.
  • Kettlebells is a very effective form of training that produces fast and good results.
  • Rowing Machines is one of the best forms of training you can use to get good overall strength.
  • Spinning ergometer bike: Good to have at home, so you can increase the amount of exercise throughout the year and get better fitness.
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