Acute torticollis - Photo Wikimedia

Acute torticollis - Diagnosis, symptoms and treatment.

Acute torticollis is a relatively common neck ailment that most often affects people aged 15 to 30 years. The pain is one-sided and locks the neck in a repulsive position, which the patient cannot get out of himself. The presentation of pain can occur when the patient wakes up with the pain and the neck is completely locked, or when it happens 'suddenly' during everyday life, preferably with a quick movement. An immediate pain occurs and the patient experiences that the neck muscles go into complete locking.


Acute torticollis - Photo Wikimedia

Acute torticollis - Photo Wikimedia


pain Pattern

The pain is usually one-sided in the neck, but can also sometimes be felt up in the head and down between the shoulder blades. There are no neurological symptoms. Often there is an involvement of the cervical joints C2-3.


Examination of acute torticollis

On examination of acute torticollis, it will be seen that the patient's head position is laterally flexed in one direction (read: side bent). Normally, the head is bent away from the painful side. Both active and passive movement are painful and very limited.


Action and treatment of acute torticollis

  • Massage and trigger point treatment
  • Joint mobilization of affected dysfunctional joints
  • Joint manipulation / joint adjustment of affected joints
  • Stretching and ART (active release technique).


Normally, treatment will consist of a combination of these under the direction of a physical therapist, chiropractor or manual therapist. General movement is also encouraged.


Exercise and exercise are good for body and soul:

  • Chin-up / pull-up exercise bar can be an excellent exercise tool to have at home. It can be attached and detached from the door frame without the use of a drill or tool.
  • Cross-trainer / ellipse machine: Excellent fitness training. Good for promoting movement in the body and exercising overall.
  • Grip-cleaning tools can help strengthen relevant hand muscles and thus help to work out muscle dysfunction.
  • Rubber exercise knit is an excellent tool for you who need to strengthen the shoulder, arm, core and more. Gentle but effective training.
  • Kettlebells is a very effective form of training that produces fast and good results.
  • Rowing Machines is one of the best forms of training you can use to get good overall strength.
  • Spinning ergometer bike: Good to have at home, so you can increase the amount of exercise throughout the year and get better fitness.



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