- Our Vision? We Always Work To Be The Best Public Authorized Healthcare Professional On Muscles, Tendons And Joints

VondtKlinikkene is a professional network of clinics with a desire to always have uniquely high competence in assessment, treatment and training. In the list below you will find more information about our associated clinics, as well as partners. Our vision is for you to feel confident that you are getting the best patient experience provided by publicly authorized healthcare professionals with specialist expertise in muscles, tendons and joints.



Lambertseter: Lambertseter Chiropractor Center and Physiotherapy

Cecilie Thoresens vei 17, 1153 Oslo (Lambertseter Senter - Helsehuset)



Hobart: Eidsvoll Healthy Chiropractor Center and Physiotherapy

Wergelands Gate 5, 2080 Eidsvoll (Sundet)

Hobart: Råholt Chiropractor Center and Physiotherapy

Gladbakkvegen 1, 2070 Råholt (AMFI - Helsehuset)


Hi, my name is Alexander Andorff. Authorized chiropractor and biomechanical rehabilitation therapist.

I am the editor-in-chief of and Vondtklinikkene - and work at Lambertseter Chiropractor Center and Physiotherapy. As a modern primary contact in musculoskeletal disorders, it is a real pleasure to help patients return to a better everyday life.


A comprehensive study and modern approach to treatment are the core values ​​for the Pain Clinics - and our partners. We work closely with medical specialists and GPs to optimize the results. In this way, we can give many an even better and safer patient experience. Our core values ​​consist of 4 main points:


  • Individualized Study

  • Modern, Evidence-Based Treatment

  • The Patient in Focus - Always

  • Results Through High Competence

With over 75000 followers on social media, as well as almost 6 million visitors a year (as of mid-July 2021), it is also not surprising to many that we respond daily to inquiries about recommended therapists across the country if it is geographically difficult to reach us . From time to time we receive so many questions that it can be difficult to answer them all, and that is precisely why we have created this section - where we will gradually, in addition to our own affiliated clinics, add our recommendations within specially recommended publicly authorized health professionals in your immediate area.


Book Time For Your Muscle And Joint Ailments?

If you want to read more about the clinics or to book an appointment, you can click on the links above. Appointments are made on the respective websites of the clinics. Feel free to contact us if you have questions or the like.