Discussion with health professionals

Discussion with health professionals


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Alexander has a master's degree in chiropractic and has worked as a chiropractor since 2011 - he works at Kiropraktorhuset Elverum. He has a broad competence in relation to problems within musculoskeletal disorders - and has a high evidence-based focus on the patient also receiving the advice / exercises / training guidance / the ergonomic adaptation that allows them to achieve a long-term improvement of their problems, and in this way prevent the pain from recurring. He lives by the motto that 'exercise is the best medicine' and tries to encourage more movement in everyday life through everyday activities such as trips and cross-country skiing, but also knows that it can be an extensive process to get out of the pain pit once you have ended up there. . Therefore, advice, exercises and measures are also adapted to the individual. Click on the image or here to ask him a question.


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