Thai Massage

Thai massage - A settlement with frivolous prejudices and happy endings

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Thai Massage

Thai massage - A settlement with frivolous prejudices and happy endings

Wannipa Wipatothai is a trained muscle therapist. She is fed up with the prejudices and the sometimes junk stamp that has hit her life industry; Thai massage. In this article, she wants to shed light on what Thai massage can actually do for you who are plagued by muscle pain and dysfunction in the exercise apparatus.


- About Wannipa and Wattana Thai Massage

Wannipa is the general manager of Wattana Thai Massage and the daughter of the founder, Wattana Chanklad. Her mother started the company, which has premises in the center of Haugesund, in 2007. Wannipa has for several years worked as a masseur and gained several years of clinical experience with Thai massage. She started her education with courses in her home country, and later completed her muscle therapy education in Norway at Sirius Naturterapeutisk skole to gain a broader understanding of the subject. Holistic thinking and further development are two pillars that stand high for Wannipa, as she constantly wants to develop both herself and the company - whether it is professional or practical. The clinic also offers customized yoga exercises in groups, especially for customers' problem areas. In 2011, they moved to a larger room where they currently house five massage therapists, all of whom have several years of clinical experience under their belt.


- Thai massage: A form of healing in traditional Thai art

This form of treatment is one of five traditional Thai arts - the others meditation, herbal medicine, astrology and spiritualism. Thai massage combines classic massage with characteristic muscular techniques that involve tissue pressure, stretching, twisting and joint movement - many in the field thus call it Thai body treatment. The treatment has been in a development phase for over 2000 years - this means, naturally enough, that there are large variations of which techniques are used by therapists.


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- What does Thai massage work against?

The treatment is particularly aimed at preventing pain and maintaining function in the body's muscles and joints - but Thai massage is also used once the accident has been out, and is used against a wide range of problems in the musculoskeletal system. Blue. Muscular tensions / myalgias, joint pain, numbness in the arms and legs - as well as less traditional things such as sleep problems and digestive problems. The form of treatment is popular among athletes, dancers and yoga practitioners - who are all looking for a more flexible and agile body.


Thai massage aims to stimulate blood circulation and release muscular blockages that could otherwise have greatly affected quality of life and function. Pain is a major obstacle that can stand in the way of happiness and everyday joy - and also reflects that there is an imbalance on a physical or emotional level. This can be due to too much training, but it can also be due to too little training - it's all about finding the balance. In the repertoire of Thai massage you will actually find over 150 different treatment techniques for muscles and joints - this means that you are well prepared to work with everything from feet, palms, thumbs, elbows, knees, joints and forearms etc.


Touch itself is one of the best healing functions - it releases, comforts and relieves pain. Physically, it is not difficult to understand that massage stimulates blood circulation, removes toxins through the lymph stream, warms the soft tissue, and increases flexibility. Remember that it is important that the therapist is a qualified practitioner and is a member of the Association of Thai Massage Therapists in Norway.


- More than 'happy endings' and junk players

We also had the opportunity to ask Wannipa some questions regarding prejudice and slurs.

Wattanipa What do you think about the prejudices one often encounters against Thai massage? And what is your message to those who think that it is only rogue actors who do it? Do you also get a lot of sexualized inquiries asking about "happy endings" and the like?

Wannipa: There are some masseurs who run junk business, perhaps to compensate for the lack of expertise in the profession. For this is a profession and it requires education, experience and genuine interest to deliver good treatment. Most people want to do business seriously, but may fall into the temptation or pressure of junk offers for easy money. Thai massage is a great treatment for improving health and with skilled players this is exactly what one achieves. With us it has happened that new customers try, but regular customers know what we stand for and our store exudes professionalism, so that is the rarity.



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