Attitude is important

Study: Poor neck posture gives less circulation to the head

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Attitude is important

Study: - Poor neck posture results in less circulation to the head

A new study has shown that lack of cervical lordosis (the natural curve of the neck) leads to less blood circulation to the head. Poor neck posture can occur genetically (structurally), but also functionally aggravated by lack of movement, exercise and improper exercise.


- What is cervical lordosis?
Cervical lordosis is the natural curve of the cervical vertebrae. This position leads to improved shock absorption under load, as the forces will have to go through the arch. In the picture below you can see a normal curve with lordosis and then an abnormal curve where the person has lost the natural arch in the cervical vertebra positions.

Cervical lordosis


- Blood circulation measured with ultrasound

The patient included 60 people, of whom 30 people had demonstrated loss of neck orthosis and 30 people who had normal neck posture. The study wanted to find out if the cervical arteries (arteria vertebralis) were affected by abnormal neck position - something they found that it did. The results were measured via ultrasound, which looked at, among other things, the arteries' diameter and blood flow volume.


- Lack of cervical lordosis resulted in poorer blood circulation

In the group that did not have the natural position on the neck, significantly lower diameter of the arteries, decreased blood flow volume and less maximum systolic pressure were measured. This in turn gave support to the theory that poor posture gives less blood circulation to the head.



- May be associated with dizziness and headache

It is known from the past that circulatory problems can be directly linked to dizziness and headaches - but the new findings also indicate that functional posture muscles and focus on posture should play a greater role in the treatment of such problems - and then perhaps more through specific training and stretching. One can also wonder about new pillow with cervical lordosis can be beneficial for people struggling with poor neck posture.


One thing we can say for sure; Movement is still the best medicine.



We recommend the following exercises for increased stability in the shoulders, chest and neck:

- 5 effective strength exercises against sore shoulders

Training with theraband

Also read: - Good stretching exercises for the thoracic spine and between the shoulder blades

Exercise for the chest and between the shoulder blades


What can I do even for muscle and joint pain?

1. General exercise, specific exercise, stretching and activity are recommended, but stay within the pain limit. Two walks a day of 20-40 minutes make good for the whole body and sore muscles.

2. Trigger point / massage balls we strongly recommend - they come in different sizes so you can hit well even on all parts of the body. There is no better self help than this! We recommend the following (click the image below) - which is a complete set of 5 trigger point / massage balls in different sizes:

trigger point balls

3. Training: Specific training with training tricks of various opponents (such as this complete set of 6 knits of different resistance) can help you train strength and function. Knit training often involves more specific training, which in turn can lead to more effective injury prevention and pain reduction.

4. Pain Relief - Cooling: Biofreeze is a natural product that can relieve pain by cooling the area gently. Cooling is especially recommended when the pain is very severe. When they have calmed down then heat treatment is recommended - it is therefore advisable to have both cooling and heating available.

5. Pain Relief - Heating: Warming up tight muscles can increase blood circulation and reduce pain. We recommend the following reusable hot / cold gasket (click here to read more about it) - which can be used both for cooling (can be frozen) and for heating (can be heated in the microwave).


Recommended products for pain relief for muscle and joint pain

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Biofreeze (Cold / cryotherapy)

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Source: Bulut et al, Decreased Vertebral Artery Hemodynamics in Patients with Loss of Cervical Lordosis. With Sci Monit. 2016; 22: 495–500. Full text here (PubMed).

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