Muscle work on elbow

8 tips for faster tendon treatment

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Muscle work on elbow

8 tips for faster tendon treatment

Tendon injuries must be taken seriously, otherwise there is a high risk that the tendon will not receive enough recovery and that the injury will become chronic. Here are 8 tips that will help you in the treatment of your tendon injury. We naturally recommend that it be combined with advice and treatment from a clinician - but it is at least a start.


  1. Rest: The patient is advised to listen for the body's pain signals. If your body asks you to stop doing something, then you do well to listen. If the activity you perform gives you pain, then this is the body's way of telling you that you are doing "a little too much, a little fast" and that it does not have time to recover sufficiently between sessions. Micro-breaks at work can be extremely useful, for repetitive work you should take a 1-minute break every 15 minutes and a 5-minute break every 30 minutes. Yes, the boss will probably not love it, but it's better than being sick.
  2. Take ergonomic measures: Small ergonomic investments can make a big difference. Eg. When working on the data, allow the wrist to rest in a neutral position. This results in significantly less strain on the wrist detectors.
  3. Use support in the area (if applicable): When you have an injury, make sure that the area is not subjected to similar tensile forces that were the actual cause of the problem. Naturally. This is done by using support in the area where the tendon injury is located or alternatively, it can be used with sports tape or kinesio tape.
  4. Stretch out and keep moving: Regularly light stretching and movement of the affected area will ensure that the area maintains a normal movement pattern and prevents shortening of related muscle. It can also increase blood circulation in the area, which assists the natural healing process.
  5. Use icing: Icing can be symptom-relieving, but make sure you don't use ice cream more than recommended and also make sure you have a thin kitchen towel or similar around the ice pack. Clinical recommendation is usually 15 minutes in the affected area, up to 3-4 times a day.
  6. Eccentric Exercise: Eccentric strength training (read more here  and watch video) performed 1-2 times a day for 12 weeks has a clinically proven effect on tendinopathy. It has been seen that the effect is greatest if the movement is calm and controlled (Mafi et al, 2001).
  7. Get treatment now - don't wait: Get help from a clinician to "get over the problem" so that it is easier for you to perform your own measures. A clinician can assist with Shockwave Therapy, needle treatment, physical work and the like to provide both functional improvement and symptom relief.
  8. Nutrition: Vitamin C, manganese and zinc are all essential for collagen production - in fact, vitamin C forms the derivative of what develops into collagen. Vitamin B6 and vitamin E have also been linked directly to tendon health. So making sure you have a good, varied diet is important. Maybe it will be necessary to take some supplements in the diet when the healing takes place? Feel free to consult a nutritionist or similar with expertise in this field.


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Lime - Photo Wikipedia

- Lime, lemon and other greens are excellent supplements when you need vitamin C.


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Pink Himalayan Salt - Photo Nicole Lisa Photography


What can I do even against pain?

1. General exercise, specific exercise, stretching and activity are recommended, but stay within the pain limit. Two walks a day of 20-40 minutes make good for the body and aching muscles.

2. Trigger point / massage balls we strongly recommend - they come in different sizes so you can hit well even on all parts of the body. There is no better self help than this! We recommend the following (click the image below) - which is a complete set of 5 trigger point / massage balls in different sizes:

trigger point balls

3. Training: Specific training with training tricks of various opponents (such as this complete set of 6 knits of different resistance) can help you train strength and function. Knit training often involves more specific training, which in turn can lead to more effective injury prevention and pain reduction.

4. Pain Relief - Cooling: Biofreeze is a natural product that can relieve pain by cooling the area gently. Cooling is especially recommended when the pain is very severe. When they have calmed down then heat treatment is recommended - it is therefore advisable to have both cooling and heating available.

5. Pain Relief - Heating: Warming up tight muscles can increase blood circulation and reduce pain. We recommend the following reusable hot / cold gasket (click here to read more about it) - which can be used both for cooling (can be frozen) and for heating (can be heated in the microwave).


Recommended products for pain relief in pain

Biofreeze spray-118Ml-300x300

Biofreeze (Cold / cryotherapy)



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