Pain in the nose

8 Natural Advice and Remedies for Headaches

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Pain in the nose

8 Natural Advice and Remedies for Headaches

Are you or someone you know plagued by headaches? Here are 8 natural tips and measures to reduce headaches - which can improve both quality of life and daily routine. Do you have any other good suggestions? Feel free to use the comment field or contact us at Facebook.


1. Take a break from the computer screen and mobile

If you work daily in front of the computer at all hours of the day, this will go beyond your eyes, shoulders, back and neck. We therefore strongly encourage you to take a 10-minute break every hour.

Datanakke - Photo Diatampa

2. Rest your eyes

Try to rest your eyes several times a day - close your eyes for one minute and use your fingers to massage lightly over the temple and around the eyes. Many also claim that putting peppermint tea bags over their eyes and resting with them for five minutes has a soothing effect.

Tea Bags

3. Drink more water

Headaches due to dehydration are more common than many people think. The most important minerals we need to produce energy come from clean water and clean food. Try to drink mainly water if you have a daily headache. For more effect, you can alkalize the water you drink by adding cucumber slices to the water.

Water drop - Photo Wiki

4. Eat organic, clean foods

The body needs clean energy to function optimally - if it does not get the energy it needs, then it will say no - often in the form of aching body and headaches. If you eat too much processed food, junk food and food that does not have to be in the fridge with a very high shelf life, you rob the body and the body's cells of the energy it needs. Blue. Ginger can be a very good and simple supplement in the diet.


5. micro-breaks

Spread small breaks throughout the work day. Getting up and away from the PC screen is very important for vision, neck and back. This will break the static load that you get when working in front of the data and make sure muscles and joints don't become painful. Use the small breaks to stretch slightly on tight muscles and the chest.

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Exercise for the chest and between the shoulder blades

6. Get physical treatment of the neck and back

If you have a long-term problem with neck pain, back stiffness or sore, sore muscles - then you need enough professional help to overcome the problem. Massage, muscle therapy, physiotherapy, joint treatment (chiropractor or manual therapist) and acupuncture can be helpful treatments for tight muscles and stiff joints. Do not walk around with pain and aches - grab it today.

Pain in the shoulder joint

7. Wheatgrass and green vegetables

Green vegetables are a wonderful source of clean energy. For good effect, we recommend mixing two teaspoons of wheatgrass supplements in a glass of water and drinking this daily. The energy from such plants is easy to absorb for the body.

wheat grass

8. Keep moving and exercising regularly

Exercise and exercise are essential for keeping muscles and joints in good shape. Try to get a routine of going at least one walk a day, and then make sure you walk without the cell phone in your hands in front of you, rather let your shoulders and arms swing freely so you get good blood circulation around your neck and shoulders. Swimming is also a very good form of exercise. Why not try these exercises for better function in the shoulders and neck?

Training with theraband


Feel free to share this article with colleagues, friends and acquaintances. If you want exercises or the like sent as a document with repetitions and the like, we ask you like and get in touch via get Facebook page here (in Danish). If you have any questions, it's just to contact us (completely free).


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Shoulder back cover on therapy ball


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Get treatment now - don't wait: Get help from a clinician to find the cause. It is only in this way that you can take the right steps to get rid of the problem. A clinician can assist with treatment, dietary advice, customized exercises and stretching, as well as ergonomic advice to provide both functional improvement and symptom relief. Remember you can ask us (anonymously if you wish) and our clinicians free of charge if needed.

Ask us - absolutely free!


Did you know: - Cold treatment can give pain relief to sore joints and muscles? Blue. Biofreeze (you can order it here), which consists mainly of natural products, is a popular product. Contact us today via our Facebook page, then we'll fix one discount coupon for you.

Cold Treatment

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Pink Himalayan Salt - Photo Nicole Lisa Photography

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