5 major health benefits of staying in beautiful Torrevieja

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5 major health benefits of staying in beautiful Torrevieja

Many frozen Norwegians are still talking about moving to warmer regions, but few do. Here are 5 major health benefits of staying in beautiful Torrevieja and other exotic, sunny places.


1. Sun, sun, sun!

Forget vitamin D deficiency. Naturally better weather than in Norway and less dark time means that the vitamin D stores stay well filled. Research has shown that a lack of this important vitamin is directly linked to increased sensitivity in both muscles and joints - so in other words, this works directly as a pain reliever!



2. Salt water

The sea's minerals and salt water have a positive effect on both skin and hair. This is due to the healing power of the water through high content of important minerals.

Water drop - Photo Wiki


3. Less stress

A calmer and more balanced everyday life leads to fewer cases of "stress neck" and unnecessarily tight muscles. The Spanish lifestyle often invites you to a glass of cold beer or wine on the beach - and sitting on the beach and looking at the sea is often good therapy in itself.

Red wine


4. Spanish food

Paella, chorizo ​​and tapas. Can you get better? The Spanish diet is well known for being both tasty and healthy - this means that you can really enjoy yourself when you bring to life their delicious culinary dishes.

Tapas in Spain


5. A more active lifestyle

For many, especially the elderly, it can be difficult to stay active when winter sets in here in Norway. Spain, on the other hand, has a much friendlier climate that makes moving and exercising outdoors much easier throughout the year. A more active lifestyle really does the trick for the heart, lungs and mind.

Golf elbow is named after the sport of golf - Photo Wiki

- Is it tempting to play golf?



Warmer coats are generally better for health if we see the big picture. So aim for an area you could imagine and live in - and work hard towards that goal. Maybe one day you can retire in beautiful Torrevieja? Wouldn't that be great?


Know more?

If you want to know more then there is a great Facebook group called «Norwegians in Torrevieja»Filled the brink of friendly Norwegians who live in Torrevieja. Also, remember to share the post in social media so people can see how amazing it is here!


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